Emergency Services in Trichy

“To expect the unexpected” is the mantra of Life. As always, Life is unpredictable to anyone. Any surprise can be positive or negative. But it’s always necessary to be prepared to face any kind of situation. It not only applies to an individual but also to the Government, as their responsibility is ever bigger and wider. Therefore all the important emergency services should be in a state of alert and preparedness so as to attend any kind of unexpected situations.
Emergency services in Trichy

To help a human in need is one of the basic responsibilities of the Government.  The Government should build its force strong enough to face situations where human life may be in danger.

Some of the significant and valuable emergency services provided in Trichy include:
  • Medical Services
  • Police Services
  • Fire Services
  • Eye Banks
  • Blood Banks
  • Pharmacies
  • Oxygen Suppliers
The Government of Tamil Nadu has understood the importance of the above mentioned emergency services and has deployed task force to cope up with any kind of immediate help 24/7. The Emergency Response Centre (ERC) in Tamil Nadu takes care of these emergency situations once they receive any call on the same. The person receiving the call notes down the location of the caller and the type of emergency. Depending on the nature, they delegate ambulance service, fire engine or police personnel to the required place.

Trichy Police Helpline Numbers

Trichy police is extremely apt in providing all the necessary help to the citizens of Trichy. They are just a call away and all you need to do is give a timely call to them. Trichy also has a number of fire service providers who risk their lives and save hundreds of people when trapped.

All women Police Station in Trichy

  • Lalgudi: 0431 - 2543063
  • Manaparai: 04332 - 262644
  • Musiri: 04326 - 260450
  • Thiruverumbur: 0431 - 2574221
To Report A Crime - Control Room     

To Report Traffic Violation     

Assistant Commisioner (Transport & Crime)
Phone: 0431-2701710

Assitant Comissioner (Law & order)
Phone: 0431-2411660

C.B.C.I.D Spl. Investigation
Phone: 0431-    2481422

Trichy City Control Room
Phone: 0431-2465000

Trichy Police Key Contacts

District Police Office
Phone Number: 0431-2333603, 9841171952
Email: [email protected]

Trichy Sub-Divisions and Police Officers

Sub-Division: Jeeyapuram   
Officer: Kennedy
Phone Number: 9791845551, 0431-2701166

Sub-Division: Lalgudi   
Officer: Ashokan
Pohne Number: 9444411339, 0431-2541644

Sub-Division: Manapparai   
Officer: Ganesan
Phone Number: 9442563710, 04332-260543

Sub-Division: Musiri   
Officer: Thangavel
Phone number: 84898 36222, 04326-260333

Sub-Division: Tiruverumbur
Officer: Palanichamy
Phone Number: 94876-13644, 0431-2552121

Trichy Fire and Rescue Services

Fire Control Room: 101
  • Fire and Rescue Services in Srirangam: 0431-2432300
  • Fire and Rescue Services in Ponmalai: 0431-2491493
  • Fire and Rescue Services in BHEL: 0431-2553346
  • Fire and Rescue Services in Court: 0431-2462101
  • Fire and Rescue Services in Navalpattu: 0431-25813333
Deputy Director - Central Region
K. Parthiban
Fire and Rescue Services,
Trichy - 620 001
Phone Number: 0431-2462613, 9445086391

Divisional Officer - Trichy Division
S. Syed Mohd Shah
Trichy - 620 001
Phone Number: 0431-2462824, 9445086393

Trichy Blood Banks

Blood as we know is the most important thing that one requires when it comes to survival. When one undergoes any kind of operation, blood is the most important thing that is required. Blood banks are spread across Trichy for the benefit of all.

Bharath Blood Bank

No 15 A Rishi Complex, Thillai Nagar, Trichy - 620018

Doctors Blood Bank & Research Centre
No 127 C, Thillai Nagar, 5th Cross Street, Thillai Nagar, Trichy - 620018

Blood Bank Of Shavana
Thillai Nagar, No 88-C, Fort Station Road, Thillai Nagar, Trichy - 620018
(0435) 2750672

Friends Blood Bank
No 7 C, Near Sona Meena Cinema Hall, Williams Road, Tiruchirappalli HO, Trichy - 620001
9443159135, 9443076418

Wellcare Hospital & Research Institute
C-165, Thillai Nagar West, 9th A Cross Street, Thillai Nagar, Trichy - 620018
9626090002, 9626090003

Gastro Care Hospital
C-57, 11th Cross, Thillai Nagar, Trichy - 620018

Trichy Hospitals and Ambulance Services

Trichy has a number of hospitals and ambulance services that are well equipped with all modern technology. They have well trained staff and doctors who are specialised to handle all sorts of patients.
  • A.G.Eye Hospital, Puthur, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2792901
  • Akila Nursing Home, Annamalai Nagar, Trichy
    Phone:2763986 , 2763071
  • Amala Nursing Home, Madurai Road, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2709165
  • Arthy Nursing Home, Palakarai,Trichy
  • Ayesha Hospital, Thillai Nagar 11th Cross, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2767272 , 2767373
  • Cauvery Nursing Home, Thillai Nagar 5th Cross, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2762170
  • Chellappa Nursing Home, Puthur, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2771133
  • Child Jesus Hospital, Cantonment, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2410816
  • Chitrambalam Dental Clinic, Town Hall, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2705914 , 2704113
  • C.S.I Mission Hospital, Woraiyur, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2762372 , 2760672
  • Deepan Nursing Home, Puthur, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2792449 , 2792528
  • Dhanvanthiri Nursing Home Periyar Nagar,Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2432217
  • Eswari Nursing Home, Thillai Nagar 11th Cross, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2764739
  • Friends Eye Hospital, Woraiyur, Trichy
  • Giri's Nursing Home Thillai Nagar 4th Cross, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2763090
  • G.M. Poly Clinic, Ramalinga Nagar, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2761805
  • Govindarajan Nursing Home, Puthur, Trichy
  • G.V.N. Hospital, Super Bazzar, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2700811
  • G.V.N. Cancer Cure Hospital, Kiledar street, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2701153
  • Harish Nursing Home, Mannar Puram, Trichy
    Phone:2422113 , 2422134
  • Hindu Mission Hospital, Anna Nagar, Trichy
  • I.S.Nursing Home, Cantonment, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2411199
  • Jagannathan Nursing Home, Ponnagar, Trichy
  • J.M. Hospital    Puthur, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2771569 , 2771015
  • Joseph Eye Hospital    , Melaputhur, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2460622
  • Karp Nursing Home, Thillai Nagar 9th Cross, Trichy
  • Kavery Medical Center, Tennur, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2742300 - 306
  • Kingsley Kids Care, Puthur, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2770116
  • Lakshmi Nursing Home, Thillai Nagar 11th Cross, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2765675 , 2766874
  • Mathuram Hospital, Puthur, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2764648
  • Mahatma Eye Hospital, Thillai Nagar, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2764494
  • Sea Horse Hospital    Cantonment, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2415660 , 2415661 , 2415662
  • Trichy Nursing Home, Thillai Nagar 9th Cross, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2766753
  • Trinity Multi Speciality Clinic, Cantonment, Trichy
  • Venkateswara Poly Clinic, T.V.Kovil, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2432927
  • Vikas Hospital, Puthur, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2466124
  • Vijaya E.N.T. Hospita1, Puthur, Trichy
  • Vijaya Ragavan Hospital, Salai Road, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2760278 , 2761356
  • Vijay Poly Clinic, Thillai Nagar 11th Cross, Trichy
    Phone: 0431-2765582 , 2766463
  • Vishali Hospital, Salai Road, Trichy
  • Ranga Ambulance Services
    Phone: 0431-2433703
  • KMC Ambulance Services
    Phone: 0431-2742300
  • CSI Woraiyur    Ambulance Services
    Phone: 0431-2761927
  • National Scan Ambulance Services
    Phone: 0431-2766329
  • YMCA Ambulance Services
    Phone: 0431-2792664
  • Sea Horse Ambulance Services
    Phone: 0431-2415660
  • J.M. Hospitals Ambulance Services
    Phone: 0431-2771569
  • DMBS Ambulance Services
    Phone: 0431-2458532
  • P.S.K Ambulance Services
    Phone: 0431-2766136
  • Babu Ambulance Services
    Phone: 0431-2720450
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