Business and Economy of Trichy

The economic growth of any district is directly proportional to the betterment of standard of life among the masses. Even basic necessities like transport, water supply, good environment is largely dependent on the availability of industries.
Trichy Economy

The Government of Tamil Nadu always promotes the districts which have potentiality in contributing to the development of the state. Trichy is one such district, which contributes a great share to the economic growth of Tamil Nadu. In fact, Trichy is widely called as the 'Boiler Capital of Tamil Nadu' for its boiler plants like Cethar Vessels and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited.

Trichy's Economy Facts

The economy of Trichy is mainly dependent on Industries. Other than tourism and agribusiness, one of the significant factors contributing to the economic growth of Trichy is the massive industrial sector. As a matter of fact, Trichy is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state, referable to the presence of numerous industries. The district is widely acknowledged as an industrial hub of Tamil Nadu as the place is an industrial centre right from the British rule.

Trichy was popular during British period for the manufacture of a distinct variety of cheroot known to be ‘Trichinopoly Cigar’. At one point, over 12 million cigars were manufactured and exported from Trichy annually. Thus, the growth of industries in Trichy started right from the British period. The world renowned Trichinopoly cigar was originally made up from tobacco cultivated from the town of Dindigul (Tintukkal) near the Trichy district.

Industries in Trichy

To start with, Trichy is a big name in the list of most prominent industrial hubs located in South India. The Central Workshop, Golden Rock (Golden Rock Locomotive Workshops) was actually shifted to the city from Nagapattinam during the year 1928. The Central Workshop, Golden Rock is one among the three locomotive engine fabricating operations in the state. The locomotive workshop in Trichy is capable of constructing 700 wagons in a year.

Trichy is the home of India's largest public sector engineering company, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, shortly referred as BHEL. BHEL has extensive operations in Trichy with three functional plants, that is to say, High Pressure Boiler Plant, Boiler Auxiliaries Plant and Seamless Steel Tube Plant. This particular plant in Trichy is capable of producing 6.2 MW of electrical energy. Cethar Vessels, another giant boiler plant located in Trichy, who is far-famed for boilers for power generation or for steam generation in process industries.

Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project (HAPP) and the Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli (OFT) are the two major defense establishments, operated by the Indian Ordnance Factories Board by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. Situated just 25 km away from the city centre, HAPP and OFT are important names in the list of Indian Ordnance Factories controlled by the OFB across the nation. The Trichy unit produces the Fin Stabilized Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot, shortly referred as FSAPDS, which is a weapon system of eminent K.E. put-upon in armored combat vehicles and other armor piercing ammo.

Some of the other important industries of Trichy include Trichy Distilleries and Chemicals Limited (TDCL), Trichy Steel Rolling Mills, EID Parry Sugar factory, Dalmia Cements and so on.

IT Companies in Trichy

Information technology is a growing field in Trichy city. The city is fast becoming an alternate address for technology companies after Chennai and Coimbatore. IT companies started opting for Trichy primarily for the fact that the city houses more than 35 engineering colleges and each year the city produces hundreds of qualified engineers who are ready to take up challenges. Days are not far that the Trichy city is looked at as a potential Information technology base for of various advantages the region has to offer.

Some of the popular IT companies of Trichy include Astonish Info Tech, Techcmantix Technologies, Cavin IT Solutions, Zolaism Networks, Udeserve, Shining Sun, Snaps Technology, Aaress Infomedia, Acero Infotech Pvt Ltd, Macon System Technologies, Pi Square Software Solutions, Rocksoft Solutions and so on.
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